The Journeys of Emmaus and Jabez, Part I: The Great Tree


That FIRST GREAT TREE was always there.

Few passerbys took any serious note of its massive, far reaching limbs or even began to fathom just how deep and broad its roots spread out from the Original Trunk. It was never known to have a beginning cycle of history. Its Beauty, though scarred from that one greatest, ancient Storm’s Wound, was incomprehensible to the most advanced knowledge and wisdom of the minds of horticulturists, botanists, scientists and philosophers through the millennia up to the present day. The towering strength of Its great and enduring Root and Trunk has weathered all the dark ages and troubled periods of world history and has defied the reasoning of men as It stood fast while whole, vast forests of great and proud trees passed their times and fell into Destruction’s degenerating doom and melting pot of homogeneous mortal activity and temporary life. Centuries and centuries, even millennia have passed as kingdoms of great royalty, kings, queens and proud conquering empires have waxed and waned as the proud jewels of the Creation’s fallen race fell one by one. It has stood and held fast Its ground and endured the worst of Earth’s fiercest storms and destructive winds of change. Times and seasons have come and gone, but that GREAT TREE has remained steadfast and unmoved. The words of Malachi have continued to ring true and thunder over and over throughout the ages of passing kingdoms and proud, babbling towers of flesh: “I AM THE LORD AND I DO NOT CHANGE.”

There was once a very great king and priest of mystery, he to whom the first father of Israel, that being Abraham, paid tithes while Israel was yet in his loins. This mysterious figure was the King of Salem, a very small, insignificant place that would become Jerusalem in later years. His name was Melchizedek, that one of whom it was written some 2000 years later, “being without father, without mother, having no beginning nor end of life, but remains a priest continually.” What a wondrous and intriguing heavenly secret withheld from little coarse mortal minds of men who could not fathom or perceive the greatness of such a magnanimous thing established as the figurative representation of what and who Jesus Christ was to become: The King of Peace and Righteousness. Salem in its original Hebrew form means peace. Melchizedek means righteousness. So in that small, humble form of what was to become Jerusalem, God established a figurehead of peace and righteousness that would become the type and symbol of the priesthood and kingship of the coming Messiah, the Christ, He Who appeared to some of the Old Testament saints as The Angel of the Lord. Melchizedek was the only Old Testament figure who was both king and priest, just as Jesus would become in the New Testament. Jesus Christ would unfold and unveil the shadows and types of Melchizedek’s kingship and priesthood. Selah.

Even some of the believing Hebrews in the day of Paul the apostle could not understand what was being said and written about this great, mysterious king of the ancient times of their first forefather, Abraham. Paul had much to say to the Hebrews about Jesus Christ’s Priesthood being modeled after the order of Melchizedek, but rebuked them a little because they had become dull of hearing. Commentators have argued for centuries about this great figure, yet Paul was saying that Melchizedek was still a priest 2000 years after Abraham. Would God prefigure a mere, mortal flesh and blood man to be this highest type and symbolic order He would model the Perfect Priesthood of Christ after? Who, or perhaps a better question would be, what was that man 4000 years ago? Who can know and perceive the depths of God’s wisdom and whole unfolding revelation of the redemption of the whole Creation, Earth and the Universe itself? Who is the man or woman, ruler, church leader or national shepherd who would dare to presume to know and attempt to expedite all the knowledge of God that is kept preserved for His Own Heart until the day it is to be revealed? Who is the religious teacher, priest or scribe of the law who can challenge His secrets and assume in their carnal flesh and reasoning to purport an understanding of things not given to them before the appointed, elect time? I defer to Deuteronomy 29:29…”The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever that we may observe all the word of this law.” Who will be such arrogant souls whose pride lifts them up in their own hearts to think that they have all the answers to unravel the mysteries of God before the election of Heaven’s appointed time to reveal them? Moses clearly understood that critical dichotomy between the two levels of knowledge, some given, some kept secret. Yes, he understood the sacred ground of the Burning Bush.

It was prophesied and written in the days of that great and most faithful prophet, Daniel, that in the last days, travel to and fro as well as knowledge would increase. So according to the Lord’s instruction to him, his book was to be shut up until the time of the beginning of the fulfillment of those things. Daniel was a wise man above all in his day of captivity. When God tells a man like Daniel to shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end, that means there are things that will not be understood in the whole panorama of the unfolding of Redemption’s eternal and great story until God deems it the exact, appointed time of revealing. Therefore all mortal breath must wait upon God until then. Job said, “I will await the day of my release.” So it remains true to this very day that mortal flesh and breath, religious or otherwise, must wait for the release of godly and heavenly wisdom and knowledge by God’s Own Hand in His Own Time. It is only the Most High God Who changes the times and season.

Today, for the most part, Earth is spiritually dead and corrupt, living in a forlorn existence. It is drifting in its sin of dark desires, lust, sexual perversions, violence, mayhem and the chaotic, carnal wisdom of rebellious and stubborn flesh. It is being raped by its inhabitants. If it were not so, there would not be so much confusion, perplexity, rebellion and division. Therein is a great divide and polarity of the peoples, political parties and nations that are leading to an exponentially proliferating apex of chaotic anarchy, economic collapse, unrestrained, unbridled sexual perversions as well as overtly obnoxious governmental corruption of complex, treacherous lies, lies that even lie about themselves without blinking an eye. But thousands of years ago these days were prophesied of with extreme accuracy detailing our day’s great moral, spiritual apostasy and falling away, a condition of circumstances many so-called religious and church people themselves are part of and do not begin to fathom or recognize themselves as being ingredients of the present equation.

Lost and forlorn souls of so many miserable, wandering, tempest tossed spirits in today’s Sea of humanity who are boiling and being cooked in this hot and burning cauldron of putrid and poisonous, worldly stew are represented by all races, creeds, genders, ages, religions (which include all church denominations and religious cults), beliefs, philosophies, sciences and ideologies. Each argues their particular way of religious, atheistic, scientific, ideological and philosophical interpretations of their own mortal, personal opinions and renditions of the times and the seasons. They follow the bent of their deluded hearts and minds and chase after the geo-political-socio trends and nexus of this day, on and on and on…endlessly…in a drunken stupor of mortal insanity, nonsense of anything and everything but real godly Truth, Wisdom and righteous Law. What a dreadful and tragic train wreck mortality is rapidly speeding towards!

But God, the Lord God Almighty and Holy of Hosts Whose works are all known to Him from the Beginning, spoke of these things and prophesied of them in and through the mouths of His prophets and apostles, even in the Very Mouth and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago; and He knows the time, times and exactitude of it to the very last jot and tittle of the Final End. Yes, it was declared before very face of that first glorious and most beautiful Cherub known as Day Star who rebelled against the very Throne of God, even Lucifer and all the evil powers and principalities he has gathered to intensely thrust and dispel upon the whole world of our present day and time. And shortly now, the mortality and breath of all flesh and all the nations of the whole Earth under the Sun, yes, under the SON, are about to begin to pay the greatest, most horrific price for following this evil pied piper’s song of delusion, deception and lies that have plagued Earth and made it a wounded orphan throughout its wending and winding course of sin, bloodshed, perversion, rebellion and apostasy.

One of the greatest, most deceptive lies of this present age is that there are many paths to Truth. Embrace and understand the word “lie” about that claim. Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE AND NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH ME.” End of discussion! He, God, refuses to hear or pay heed to our pitiful arguments! He will have none of it from the fallen portion of His Creation.

The Absolute-Sovereign Court of the Most High God acted once and for all long ago to dispel the authority and power of the Lie. He dismisses all worthless, mortal chatter and proud, babbling towers who are but finite voices of mere dust and expels them as putrid fodder and the manure of beasts and lower life forms who know no better. The beasts of the field that Isaiah referred to, the wicked and evil men of the Earth say, “I eat what I want to eat and lust for whatever I crave and desire in all my appetites and existence. Therefore I am.” But God thunders back and declares, “I AM WHO I AM! You, O mere mortal breath and lustful flesh, are infinitely less than I AM WHO created you out of dust in the day of your first breath given to you in a place of perfect peace! Know this and heed this axiom of an unfailing, heavenly warning: The day will come when every knee, soul, heart and spirit of your breath and existence will bow low at My Feet before My Truth and surely My First and Eternal Wisdom shall be justified by her children in that final judgment against you.”

Society is deeply corrupted in innumerable ways, whether it be religions, politics, governments, media, education, science, culture or entertainment. Whole nations and industries feast at the table of sacrificial meat and flesh in unrestrained, unbridled sensual lewdness and raging, vile madness of the sexual appetites and genitals while proclaiming their rights and advancing the new norm they strain for, even with a venomous hatred to force the rest of us to accept their sin and explicit perversion of the unrestrained, unbridled and uninhibited erotic lusts of their flesh. And the high court of the land demands that we pay a price for not honoring their evil and wicked deeds. Almost 60,000,000 abortions in our nation of the United States of America are a murderous violence against the sanctity of life and the Heart of God Who sets Himself against the horrific integers of that equation of bodily lust and profane desire falsely labeled as a whole new definition of so called free love and rights. But the Supreme High Court of Heaven will try the Supreme Court of the United States and will bring it to sudden shame and disgrace before the whole world!

Then there is the military juxtapose-positioning of nations and powers who seek to control the whole world or at least hope to devastate individual liberty and freedom in as much of it as they can except in their own private fortresses and domains. This of course would include Iran who has loudly and explicitly stated its primary mission of destroying Israel. Not to be overlooked are those nations who support and aid the enemies of the State of Israel. But these ancient and very famous words of God still hold true to this day and always will: (The Lord speaking to Abraham: “I WILL BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS YOU AND CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE YOU.) Beware! Beware!! Beware!!! O you enemies of Israel.

Today’s spiritually deficient and defunct mass of multitudes in this present world’s dark valley of decision mimic the same proverb back-slidden Israel uttered as recorded by Ezekiel the prophet, saying, “The days drag on and the vision is prolonged.” But understand the declaration and word of the Lord in Ezekiel’s mouth that followed: “The vision shall no longer be prolonged or delayed!” The sinful soul should beware of mocking the word and vision of the Lord.

Mortally weak and carnal thought of this modern, passing and dying age mocks the Word of God, those determined, accurate, unfailing prophecies of the First holy, ancient utterances of the wisdom of God in the mouths of His faithful servants, prophets and apostles, some of whom paid the ultimate price for their faithfulness to speak His word boldly in the face of fire, fear, death and captivity. Yet here we are in our proud, arrogant day and time of man’s religious and governmental machinery and so-called knowledge and wisdom that cannot begin to defend itself and prove its case before that Final, Eternally Just and Perfect Bar of the Most High God’s Court of the Absolute-Sovereign Judge and Throne over and above of all the whole Creation from Beginning to End. It was all judged from the Beginning and clearly stated as to what will be the end of all mortal powers and fallen angelic powers who have arrogantly resisted the Perfect Light, Life, Law, Grace, Mercy, Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth of God that was spoken, written and revealed from the very first of mortality’s beginning breath and subsequent unfolding. It is written, that to God, all His works are known to Him from the beginning. What little minute, feckless breath of mortality can even begin to challenge such a God?!

God and Heaven have two Chess games. There is the one that is presently on-going and now being played out on Earth and in His Universe. Then there is the other one in Heaven with all of its moves already fully played out to the Final Checkmate of all evil and insurrection of the Creation since its first fall. The Chess game in Earth’s theater will come to the same final conclusion as the one in Heaven’s theater. Jesus instructed His disciples to pray thus: Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name, Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. A great many scholars and commentators agree that the original language speaks as if the will of God is (already) done in Heaven only to be physically worked out and realized in the Earth.

So let us join a couple of hearts and spirits and listen in on their conversations as they travel on this very unusual road.



Long time best friends, Jabez and Emmaus, were walking down a quiet side road not so well known, a road infrequently traveled and bypassed by many in favor of the more modern freeway connections of convenience. They were just casually talking as friends do on a pleasant day’s outing. Nothing unusual had presented itself in the first mile or two of their journey.

But then……. THEN!

In an unexpected breath of refreshing Wind, they came across this outstanding Great Tree, a massively tall and wide trunk of beauty with extending branches gloriously spreading out far and wide in a manner that defied the greatest oaks, redwoods, sequoias and pines in all the whole earth.

What was this great sight?! How many have witnessed this marvelous thing, they thought silently to themselves? They quietly mused deep within their hearts an unspoken question; Was there any other tree of such magnificent proportions in all of the whole earth under the Sun?

Emmaus first spoke up and said, “Jabez, I have never in all my life seen such a thing of this kind of astonishing loveliness and grace, such shocking, magnanimous, other-world beauty and perfection! How is it that such a thing of unimaginable dimensions vastly exceeding all common mortal thought could even exist, and yet, so much of humanity not even know of its significance? This defies all physics, horticulture and botany that I know anything about.”

Jabez was already scrambling to try and relate something of his own education to this Unique Great Tree that could possibly explain what his physical eyes were actually witnessing.

“Emmaus, this is exponentially beyond all my own knowledge of what I thought to be the culmination of our own education, our religious hopes, philosophies, ideologies and scientific determinations of what exists as factual truth and real knowledge in the earth.

“You know, scientists proudly, even arrogantly and incessantly, press upon our minds their never-ending theories and opinions of what is or isn’t and how all things came to be. But I have to tell you, brother, this defies all of what I’ve ever heard and was at times forcibly taught at the University. Carnal preachers preach their thoughts and opinions and what they think is the truth, but this, THIS! GREAT TREE! tells me that perhaps much of what I thought was truth, knowledge and wisdom was very little and limited, perhaps even a bit worthless in the sight of God as He has viewed my own mortal, finite estimation of life and the Creation. I must painfully confess that this makes me wonder about so many things I’ve heard and have been taught that were the supposed truths and doctrines of wisdom and way of God’s unfathomable, transcendent living law and axioms of perfect knowledge.”

Jabez continued…

“Brother, I cannot help but notice the profound, richly pronounced, deep, vivid colors of the leaves of this GREAT TREE at the top. Usually the leaves that are left in late Autumn’s last dance of wind and storms are near the bottom. I wonder what could have disrupted that order in this particular TREE.”

Emmaus responded in humility and continued…

“Jabez, I am way too little and insignificant in God’s expansive, infinite Universe to even attempt to address your proposition and question of divine ordering. I think that perhaps it isn’t so much a disruption as it is a contrary order of Heaven’s holiest things beyond our limited scope of understanding. We think we know so much, but in the pride of our corrupt knowledge, we casually walk in an assumed and presumptuous certainty that can easily be blown away in one, single instant of a second’s time! As Daniel wrote, “God changes the times and the seasons.” There are things of God’s Great and Eternal Heart that are far and above my little, mortal mind of small understanding. But this I do know; God has declared Himself above all the thought of our carnal wisdom, knowledge and the reasoning of the flesh of our mortality. He once, through the mouth of Isaiah, that great prophet who understood the coming of the Messiah’s sufferings in chapter 53, declared that His ways are higher than our ways as the heavens are above the earth as He so plainly spoke through the mouth of His faithful servant. I don’t understand it, but it seems that I am forced to rest in a higher wisdom that supersedes that of my own and others who contend with the wisdom of our Creator.”

“On second thought, Emmaus, something like the Holy Spirit of a gentle wind provokes a line of thought in my heart even as we behold this great sight. Notice how the leaves near the top are more brilliant than usual? Remember way back in our early journey, when we saw the leaves in the middle and lower branches of this GREAT TREE turning color? As vivid as they were, they were not that absolute, perfect brilliance of the leaves we now see remaining on the upper part of this GREAT TREE. And did you not also notice that as we traversed this path through times and seasons, that the leaves of the middle and lower parts of this TREE just disappeared rather than falling on the ground like it happens with normal trees in the Autumn season?

“I wondered, how can this thing be? Where did they go? But then the thought occured to me what these leaves represented. They were the very most holy substance of all those great saints and epic stories and shining glories of the Kingdom of God and Heaven that have come and passed through the ages, in otherwise, the precious souls of those great saints who were the elect of their chosen time of the manifestation of the glory of God. When God finished each manifestation of glorious revelation and heavenly purpose upon the Earth as it was already established in Heaven, He took those saints, those loyal soldiers of the Kingdom of God, to their appointed place, where some of the spirits of the saints of the Old Testament had to wait for the coming of the Christ to ascend out of Paradise. And now, they are those of that great Cloud of Witnesses who Paul wrote about in his epistle to the church in Rome. It makes me shudder in a great and reverential awe and wonder to think that we now presently walk under their sight. Surely they must be cheering us on this great journey as they see what and who fights against us to keep us from joining them.

“And now, here in our day, a day of great apostasy as it was prophesied of by some of them so long ago, a day and age in which the whole Earth is being swallowed up by magnanimous profundities of lies, deceits, violence, perversion and the blackest, gross darkness of death, they understand in their state of heavenly perfection, this last greatest stand that is shortly to commence the beginning of the end of the age. Don’t you know that they could utter such profound words of Wisdom’s warning to us! Thank God for His Word and Holy Scriptures which the Holy Spirit interprets for us and uses to guide us into all truth, even showing us things to come as Jesus said His Holy Spirit would. But the pride of man’s way in this day of increased knowledge and travel will continue to rebel against those words just like carnal knowledge, sensual wisdom and earthy, beastly lusts of the flesh have always rebelled against the whole purpose and redeeming grace of the Gift of Salvation offered at such a great price to the sons and daughters of the Creation.”

Emmaus was moved by this sudden inspiration coming out of the mouth of his traveling companion and friend.

“I think you have the Spirit of the Lord in you, Jabez. This is truly a profound, rather astonishing proposition of thought. It is one I will spend considerable time musing about as we continue on our way of walking on this holy highway. I perceive now what you are saying. The leaves at the top of this GREAT TREE are the living saints on the Earth who God is making and transforming into spiritual lights and perfections of truth, the New Testament fulfillment of the Old Testament’s Urim and Thummim and His Perfect Wisdom of Jesus Christ’s Beauty, the very Light of Life of the Body of Jesus Christ here in these last, profound days of a coming, greatest, heavenly manifestation that represent the Spirit and Mind of Christ Himself as the living fulfillment of Heaven’s New Testament URIM AND THUMMIM. Instead of light-giving stones placed in the ephod of the Old Testament priests, we are the Lord’s Body of His living stones and vessels of the Holy Spirit’s knowledge of indications, direction and instruction that witness of the holy way, truth and divine wisdom. So now it is the Light of Life of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Who will be manifest and demonstrated through our hearts, spirits and bodies of so great an election preserved for this great unfolding time of unveiling, the beginning of the end of this present, dying and passing away age that will lead to the ushering in of the glory of the Lord God of our forefathers of faith and original Truth.”

“Yea and Amen, my brother, Jabez remarked. I believe it to be so, even in the face of what seems to be a cataclysmic failure of what followed after the great refreshing of redemption in the early church. Corruption set in so quickly after those first burning lights of God’s Perfect Heart passed on. A religion of false presentation born out of the carnal works of religious man’s own hands and their system of self-appointed bishops and prelates became the catholic, iconoclastic and shallow symbol of the Roman Empire after Constantine declared it to be the legal “religion” of the day. After that, Truth began to fade deep into a long night of Earth’s history, those years of the Dark Age. That disturbed moment and secondary blip in God’s plan of time became a corruption of mortal intervention that began a period of Earth’s great lament of a terrible and tragic age of dreadful, great darkness.

Yet God in His great mercy and loving-kindness sent Heaven’s refreshing and exceptional breaking of a new Dawn of Life and Waters of the Holy Spirit by blessing men and enlightening their hearts and spirits with great gifts of renewed truth, music, literature and great artworks. We know this period as Earth’s Great Renaissance and Restoration. The Lord was not ready or willing to destroy the Earth yet. But even that great blessing is being squandered today by the masses who prefer and willingly choose demonic squalor and irredeemable works and lusts of the flesh. God will move again, but differently this time. I say, more drastically and more dreadfully. We had better have our lamps trimmed with the Oil of His Holy Spirit. Many won’t.

“So now we observe those brilliant and beautiful leaves at the top of this GREAT TREE destined to be those of this last day’s remaining pure witness and testimony of our God in the face of a very dark and black time of dread coming before the Light of Life emerges and appears as the Final Redemption and Transformation of the whole Creation of God’s original intended glory. But O! how great and dreadful will be the times between now and then. Yet Jesus still whispers to our hearts and says, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.”

“Yes, yes! I now see it so clearly, my friend, that this mysterious ascension of the remaining leaves of our Lord’s witness and testimony is the holy, perfecting life of this GREAT TREE ascending upward in the eternal purposes of God’s Kingdom being done in the Earth…higher and higher out of the reach of carnal humanity’s sinful and soulish desire and lust, defying all that is perceived as being normal in the changing of a mortal’s perception of the times and the seasons. I believe Daniel understood that.

“All through this life in which I have lived, walked and breathed, I now find myself almost blushing as I must candidly confess feeling like a newborn babe in the wisdom of God Who so graciously and generously shares His great and holiest treasure of knowledge, wisdom, truth and eternal grace. Yes, He implants His heavenly treasure in lowly, humble, earthen vessels like myself, you and those rare few loyal and devoted hearts who live apart from sin and keep themselves pure and undefiled from all the treasures of the wickedness and evil of this modern world’s idolatry and carnal substances of cultural rot and satanic propaganda of all that glitters like fool’s gold and seduces the masses into worshiping that which is not God.

“Few souls who bow down before those demonic altars even recognize and understand that they are doing so, while some of them profess God with their lips and quote scriptures, yet their heart is far from Him while they shame and pollute His glorious Name and sully His testimony before the whole world. How many times have we shared with friends, that to know to do a thing of God’s good will and revealing grace and then not do it, is sin? Once knowledge is given about the substance of sin and idols, which of course is anything and all things that do not portend to the glory of the Lord and His truth as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, and then refuse to give up such things, that becomes sin and idolatry.

“My brother, is it no wonder that Jesus queried, “When I come back, will I find faith on the Earth?” That is such a fearful and challenging, provoking question that leaves many walking in the will and lusts of the flesh suspect of its profundity. And yet there are those who still cling to the way of their own “churchianity” and their own intellectual, so-called educational interpretation of the eternal ways of God. It still amazes me to this day that such tiny, little specks of mortal dust and finite jars of clay hold fast to what they believe in the whole way of what was presented in the past and prophesied by the Jewish seers, prophets and the New Testament apostles, yet refuse to change their ways and separate themselves from the idols of their lives and sentient affections. You and I both know that television media and the sports complex are two of those great carnal altars so many of the Lord’s people bow down to and worship at.

“Do we not painfully understand the Lord’s words out of the mouth of Jeremiah when the Lord said, “I sent to you early and rising yet you did not obey My Voice.”? The elders of the house of Israel as well as the elders and sheep of the house of God in the earth this very day remain in much error and stubbornly refuse to reach higher for pure truth and heavenly wisdom beyond their own confining, finite minds.

“Who is the man, the woman, the elder and the sheep of the flock who can challenge the ways and edicts of God’s eternal wisdom, might and power?! Who is that proud and arrogant, rebellious, mere mortal speck of dust and temporal flesh who can restrain Him, question Him, look up to Him and say, “What have You done?” Did not Daniel record those famous words out of the mouth of King Nebuchadnezzar when God released that wicked king from living like a beast in the field for seven years? These ebbing and flowing, drifting souls of this day’s delusion who stubbornly cling to their own carnal wisdom and interpretation of past and presently given holy principles of God and Heaven’s higher Law and Truth cast shadows over their own eyes and hearts and shut up their ears to the grace of God’s correction that would liberate and free them from bondage and death.”

“It is a fearful thing, my brother! There is so much obnoxious noise and so many fiercely clamoring voices in this modern, proud day of conne global connectivity that intensely works hard to divide the soul and heart from God. And who is the heart and seeking soul who has ears to hear the difference between that lower, earthy, sensual wisdom and that greater, highest Wisdom of God Who calls to humanity to warn it, to declare the fearful and great Justice of the Lord in power and might such as Micah did? Who among the mortal souls and hearts of this lost and dying world are listening to the Voice of heavenly reasoning, that great Edict of the Heart of Heaven and Christ’s declaration against this generation’s wicked ways of evil, self-seeking and self-gratifying pleasure of unrestrained, unbridled, uninhibited ecstasies of forbidden, explicitly seducing, sensual lusts and so-called delicious fruits that lure and entrap the flesh in that deceiving, demonic vortex of Hell’s gaping jaws waiting to swallow up the body and soul of sensual lust? Not to mention the false, lying idols of this day’s culture of so-called gods and sensual goddesses who are but today’s representative spirit and demonic lust of the Canaanites who worshiped Ashtoreth. Is not the spirit of our modern age a driving and insane, sensual madness that has come up out of the deepest bowels of Hell itself?

“Evil powers and governments have been trying to redefine marriage and even something as simple as biological gender. Is this not wicked madness of a demonic design and thrust of the powers and principalities to herd the masses into the state of a one-world homogeneity? Has not our nation and its judges and courts opened and completely ripped off the lid of Pandora’s Box of Hell’s wickedness and evil thrust of the lusts of the age? This is naught but a demonic, overwhelming tsunami carrying the people away so that they do not have a clue as to monster who has arisen to enslave them and destroy them with the death of sexual perversion and beastly lewdness? Is it no wonder that the Lord, in the mouth of Moses, once said, “My fire will burn to the lowest Hell?” The book of Deuteronomy convicts our whole modern day and age and warns us of a coming greatest and most dreadful, fearful wrath of the Lord our God Who does not change or adjust His Absolute-Sovereign Throne to the mere changing winds and whims of wicked men, governments and their proud and arrogant attempt to ascend to the top of a modern day Tower of Babel, a thing about to be knocked down to the bowels of Hell once again! Remember this, O you who read our words: God, the Lord of Hosts and our God Who is that One and Only King above all kings, rulers and dictators in the earth this day, knows exactly how to suddenly humble and bring low to the ground in an all-consuming burning fire, wicked mankind’s great and babbling, proud towers of global inter-connectivity and suddenly thrust them down to utter, humiliating shame and disgrace before all the nations of the whole world! Do you not know this yet?!


“But I tell you a secret that few souls have ever considered. In the state of his rebellion against God, Satan lusted to rape Eve. He looked upon her phenomenally perfect and innocent beauty, but he could not touch her. God would not allow it! So he crafted a great lie and skillfully seduced her to disobey God’s command to her and Adam to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge. And by that first Lie and action, that First-Great Sin of Deception, he exchanged God’s wisdom and truth and sold his own version to Eve, the Mother of all the whole Earth, and managed to corrupt God’s Beautiful Innocence. In that terrible instant, dreadful darkness and death entered into the very heart of God’s Precious, Innocent Creation to lead it deeply and darkly astray into its First Great Fall and Degeneration. Then, through her disobedience, Satan gained a foothold in the whole Creation, and ever since then, through the lusts of the flesh of wicked men and fallen, rebellious angels, he has been raping, pillaging and plundering female flesh of that beautiful element of God’s Creation. He didn’t get to rape Eve, but through her disobedience, he has, in the hearts of men, been raping the Beauty of God’s Creation ever since. I wonder, my brother, how many voices and pastors in the church today even begin to understand this great and tragic dynamic of the beginning foundation of the original sin, lust and seduction of the flesh of the Creation. The lack of wisdom of these things here in our modern time is beyond any understanding of why mankind is where he is this day. But who can discern these great and awesome things of ancient truth this day? Only those who seek God above all the interests of their own lives and the carnal lusts and pleasures of our day.

“Then there is this too: That great altar of sports worship that is another whole insane, maddening, craving lust for pleasure and obnoxious, copious amounts of money paid and spent on mere worthless, little piss ants of mortality’s pursuits of recreation and idolatry. Is there no end to this modern day Babylon and Nineveh which the United States of America has become and has succumbed to? Sports idolatry is another whole wicked and evil bastion of the lust and self-seeking, self-gratifying heart, body and soul of mankind that will now be made ashamed before the whole world! The sooner the better! Proud, rebellious and stubborn ones of arrogance and the spirit of flesh and demonic rebellion will quickly learn Who rules over the whole Creation and Who determines Law and Justice above all this present day’s worthless estimate of the times and the law of our day.

“And now, all the progressive governments of the world are making a mad dash to strip the masses and subject them to the dictates of their complete tyranny of control. Yes, the powers of that great Fortress of the Gates of Hell, those powers and principalities we learn about in the book of Daniel, are making a play for the end game on God’s Chess Board on the Earth. But He has a few, extraordinary skillful moves and surprises that are about to be revealed and manifest as His great witness against the evil of the day. God knew all this from the Beginning and has already played that most perfect Chess Game to Checkmate in Heaven. So now brother, we shall watch it unfold here on the Earth as it already is accomplished in Heaven.”

Jabez wondered out loud to his friend Emmaus and said, “All this makes me seriously wonder, who, without an extraordinary giving of God’s great grace and our Redeemer’s Mercy can even possibly be of that purest spirit of truth, faithfulness to God and of a devotion to that great, heavenly Altar that is shown to be the Final Yea and Amen’s Eternal Witness and Testimony of the will of God to be manifest in the Earth this day? If I speak to my friends in the house of God in the Earth today, they accuse me of judging them. But I say and declare this day, that their sins, idolatry, lusts of the flesh and rebellion against a more excellent way shown them are already judged by God and the Holy Scriptures had I never said one word to them. In one of David’s Psalms, the Lord calls the Moon, “My witness in the sky.”

“And to my brothers and sisters in Israel, whether they be of the synagogue, government, military and orthodox faith or not, I pray a more heavenly vision and wisdom be given to some of them for the enlightenment of their hearts and spirits so they can be ready for the coming great, unveiling wisdom and favor of God for them.

“Emmaus, you know how the Lord showed us that He is about to do another great thing in Israel? We know that it is prophesied and written that Israel must pass through the time of Jacob’s Trouble according to the prophecies of the Scriptures, but that does not forbid our Lord from blessing some in Israel here in our day in a manner that would shock the world and America, even the carnal house of God in the Earth. God raised up a new nation, the New Testament early Church out of the Jewish seed and the original Tree of His first chosen people. He, Whose Name is Jealous in the Old Testament, meant to make Israel jealous. So now, what if the Lord wants to do a work in Israel today to make the lost, deluded and carnal Church jealous because of its failure to accomplish its first holy mission for generations as it has become so much like the world and has mixed in its heart, demonic seeds of heresy with the truth of the Scriptures and Wisdom of God? Again, who is that mortal heart of dust and proud spirit who can restrain God from doing another contrary thing? Did He not tell His people in the Law of Leviticus…”If you walk contrary to Me, then I will walk contrary to you?” So is He not free to walk contrary to the church at large who is walking contrary to Him and His pure truth and revelation of Jesus Christ? Think about it brother. With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible; yet all the Scripture will be proven steadfast and true in all His works and glory to the last jot and tittle, and none of His words will ever pass away though heaven and earth shall pass away. I say again, will not the Lord our God do another thing that shall make every ear tingle? Will He not contradict the failure and carnal position of the so-called house of the Lord here in our day?! Surely He is not going to raise up great works in a thousand splintered groups and denominations, none of whom are close enough to His Heart and Truth for Him to bless and trust them with His great power.

“Society all over the world has exponentially proliferated its plunge into God’s Word of a prophesied chasm of sin, darkness and sensual lusts of the flesh as men and women wax worse and worse and have become lovers of pleasure and worshipers of their bodies and genitals. And does not our present day prove His Word that the love of many would wax cold? How stupid can flesh be to not recognize all this exact, detailing of prophecy? But as the Scriptures foretold, the god of this world has blinded their minds.

“My friend, it is not heroin, cocaine, crack, meth or alcohol that is the first drug of self-gratifying choice in the world today. No, it is lewd, vile, bodily sensual lust of sex and raging, genital pleasure that is the drug of choice before all things in this present world’s state of the raging insanity of deluded madness. We are now beginning to see the full-spectrum fulfillment of what Paul wrote about in Romans chapter one. And many lip-professing Christians are being swayed and swept out into the deeper tumultuous sea of humanity’s blackness of soul, body and heart because they have forsaken those first precepts and principles of the Law of God and Heaven’s established Dominion above all dominions. Surely the Lord is about to open His armory of weapons of mass judgment and destruction upon the face of the Earth as Heaven’s reaction to man’s defections. The prophet Micah understood this thing. And take note, that God and Heaven will not let the violent bloodshed of millions of innocents in the womb go unpunished anymore than He let Jerusalem go unpunished for all the blood that King Manasseh shed.


After a little rest stop and refreshing of spirits under the Shade of this GREAT TREE, the two friends agreed that it was time to get up and get going down the road again.

Jabez queried his friend, “Emmaus, do you remember years ago when I played Bach’s Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor on that great pipe organ at St. Thomaskirche in Leipzig back before the Berlin Wall came down?”

“Indeed I do, Jabez. How could one ever forget that solemn occasion? But I also remember that horrible, dreadful, smothering, soul-killing darkness of that enslaved and chained country that was but a mental prison back then. That music you played that night there in Bach’s old church was so powerfully life-giving in a place where the fear and tyranny of darkness seemed like a constant drip on the heads of the people. I hated the strict control of everything in that country that was so oppressing that one feared to even barely talk out loud. Who could ever forget the dark tyranny of fear and heaviness of the blackness of death that hung over Dresden? You and I have been on some terrifying journeys, have we not? It is no wonder either of us are still alive to be on this journey today. But yet it seems that today was our divinely appointed time to be brought here to see and take notice of this GREAT TREE!”

Jabez was struggling not to break down and weep just thinking about that most awesome occasion so many years ago in a life that was long past, buried and hidden away from most of his friends, nearly all of such things that are still hidden from them to this day. He spoke to few friends about that life because it haunted him as a thing he could no longer touch and partake of.

“O! The magnificence of that great, moving composition that empowered every atom and breath of my existence and the sensational thrill of such an intense, soul-stirring power of the musical strength and melody of Heaven that drove me to tears as I sat on that great pipe organ bench reveling in a piece of Life’s precious beauty that I cannot possibly forget. I wonder if something of the voice of a greater, deeper, quiet life that is like a Silent Night Sabbath Peace Song of God’s Deeper Sea, far down below the tumultuous, frantic waves of mortality’s confusion, raging of the heathen and perplexed hearts deluded by a thousand lies…deep underneath where there is no killing tsunami wave…yes, a voice, that Voice within this Great Tree’s Ethereal Beauty of Ages Unlimited…I wonder if it called out and implanted a piece of Heaven’s Song in Bach’s very deepest soul to compose back then. I can hardly doubt it. That was a wondrous period of God’s gifts and life-giving light and song given to the darkened, despairing soul of Earth back then coming out of dark ages into a time of enlightened joy and beauty.

“Emmaus, I have to confess, the power and extraordinary Beauty of this suddenly appearing and physically manifest Great Tree eclipses even that marvelous, heart wrenching experience. This Great Tree is like another whole Universe of Music and Life, a Greatest Song of Songs that supersedes all the greatest music and instruments that I and any other composer and musician has ever played. But as you know, I can’t play any of that anymore. Those past storms of deepest wounds and terrible chains broke me and stole something precious from me that I have so lamented losing for years. That great song is still in my spirit and mind, but yet today, I can no longer get it out through my hands and body anymore. But this Great Tree…shh, listen…I think I hear it whispering, yes, perhaps even quietly singing a new song of glorious hope and restoration. Perhaps, just perhaps, being infused with the power and greatness of God and Heaven we witness here on this road today, I will be able to play my music again if I can but simply reach out and touch the bark of this Great Tree.”

“Jabez, you know what I think about when you talk about touching the bark of this Great Tree?”

“I know just what you’re thinking, Emmaus. You are remembering the occasion of that woman with an issue of blood who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment when He walked among the sons of men 2000 years ago, right?”

“Yes. That was a most principled, spiritual occurrence that expressed and indicated a coming new, gracious law of mercy and ease of access through which our God would make Himself available for us to reach out and be able to even slightly touch in our time of need. Isaiah wrote and prophesied how the Lord would be wounded, suffer and be bruised for our infirmities, weaknesses and sin, all of which He took upon Himself to redeem all and any of us who would call out on the Name of the Lord and believe in His Great Gift and be saved. That most sublime chapter is perhaps the greatest prophecy ever concerning Heaven’s Eternal Gift of Sacrificial Love Who God our Father would offer as Jesus Christ and Messiah to save us from our sins and heal of us of all our sicknesses. Who of us from beginning to end, could ever even begin to perceive the expansive grandness of that greatest Song of the Father’s Heart and very physical Expression of His Image, even His Own Son, hanging on the Cross for every one of us?”

Jabez knew his friend Emmaus quite well. They had been through numerous fires of hell, hatred, death, persecution and terrible loss for a long time. They walked faithfully together before their God so that in the face of Hell and Satan’s hatred for the saints of God and Heaven, the Lord preserved them and kept them alive in the midst of this world’s hatred that was constantly seeking to eliminate their lives from the earth. So he understood Emmaus’s keen observations as he looked upon his own scars.

“Tis true, my good and faithful friend; that’s what came to mind. I mean, look at me, my hands are so broken that I cannot even hardly write in those finest letters and calligraphy as I once did. They shake too much because of nerve damage. Some days I can hardly even hold a pen in my hand to write with. And I don’t see so good these days because as you know, my spine and most all of my discs are horribly damaged beyond repair. The beatings of life have taken a great toll on my health. My heart is broken from the years of this great war between good and evil, God and Satan, Heaven and Hell…(sigh…)…and I know that it could quit any day now if it weren’t for our God’s great, preserving grace and heavenly determination. Yet, in a very pressed timeline of this present day that I don’t want to have to face, I am still trying to get all this of His will in my life done before it is too late. I have my household and you, my best friend, to consider. I have some souls out there in the outer realm of despair who need help. How can we leave them? It is nothing short of our God’s miraculous grace, mercy, loving-kindness and strength that I can get anything done at all anymore. It has gotten harder and harder these last couple of years. But yet, in the face of great losses and so many wicked devices of the devil working 24/7 against us, the grace of God has not forsaken us or left us as lone orphans without the Holy Spirit of God’s help and presence in the earth.

“But then I recall the stories of those great, faithful saints of old and think, what are all these seemingly insurmountable difficulties to our God? One single Breath of fresh, heavenly Air can change everything and anything in a sudden instant! How many times have we faced death and been on the edge of a chasm and precipice of what seemed to be the end of all ends without any kind of visible bridge of life to cross over to the other side? Yet here we are today, alive, witnessing this Great Tree of Life! Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Did He not ask Jeremiah that very question thousands of years ago when Jeremiah was struggling to understand the purpose of God and Heaven with him in his trials that made no sense to him at the time? Does He not still ask us that very same question today? And if we complain to our God about our never-ending wounds, pain and troubles, will not God answer us just as He answered Jeremiah? The Lord told him to separate the precious from the vile, and that if he did, God would restore to him a place of peace again. The vile thing God was referring to was Jeremiah’s mistrust of the Lord’s faithfulness, perhaps one of our worst sins at times. Is there not a lesson there for us as we stand here and behold this Great Tree? If we had never experienced so many troubles, living at times when there was but one step between us and death as David wrote, would we not have become spiritually lazy, fat and comfortable today and not have any wisdom to be able to help and strengthen others in their trials? David comes to mind when he was living in fear of King Saul for years and fleeing from this wilderness to that wilderness. Job comes to my mind too.

“I don’t believe for one split-second that He quit blessing and healing His people after He ascended. It was not God who simply decided one day to just up and quit performing miracles and giving great gifts of spiritual, even physical, supernatural grace in our day. No, it is His own people who have quit Him and left His Altar of pure Truth to go and bow down and worship at other altars and follow the ways of their own understanding, trying to interpret heavenly knowledge, wisdom and truth through the eyes of their own carnal minds of lower, earthy wisdom, that kind of sensual wisdom that gratifies their own physical appetites and wants of self-seeking hearts. The apostle James addressed that failing, earthy, lower, sensual wisdom in his book. He spoke hard truth that was necessary to be heard by carnal hearts of the lusts of the flesh and lower desire.

“Those mockers ask, where is the God of Elijah? But God thunders back and asks them, even demands of them to answer Him…where are the Elijahs of God?! Church religions for the most part today are just poppycock distortion taught by men without the authority of the Holy Spirit and are of that lower, mortal, breathless, carnal unbelief that dominates this present day’s religious orders at large. They have a form of godliness but no actual, heavenly power of God. Paul taught that the Kingdom of God is not in word only, but in power. Today, they have plenty of silver and gold and futile, empty words, but they cannot say to the crippled man, arise and walk. You know, Emmaus, it’s not like God hasn’t dealt with this condition of His people before. How many times have we seen this replayed over and over again on our journey on this holy, narrow road to Heaven that we struggle and strain hard to keep our feet and hearts upon? I am thinking that hardly any of the Lord’s people in this day and age of apostasy have ever seen the actual reality of the great Beauty and Power of this First Greatest Covenant Tree that we now look and gaze upon, a Tree, a magnificent Gift from Heaven above that makes you and me want to fall on our knees and worship God our Father for such Love, Grace and Beauty.”

Emmaus began to drift just a little in his thought about their present day’s changing time and season, wondering and wandering this quiet, holy silent night of unfolding revelation known to but a few attentive, discerning, spiritual souls. Sometimes precious little, child-like souls have to wonder in their wandering a little bit here and a little bit there in God’s great and fathomless unfolding of His magnificent Creation and giving of precious, holy knowledge before they get to His very truest, deeper Heart. It is called faith and trust in the Word and Law of the original, perfect intent of the Heart of God Who loves His Creation enough to share some of His secrets with those of His closest ones like Abraham who was called the friend of God, and like Amos who was but a shepherd of the fields when God called him to be His prophet of secrets. Yes, our God calls some the friends of the Truth of His Heart. Yet in summing up all things of the soul’s life before God, Habakkuk said, “The just shall live by faith.”

“Jabez, as you and I have discussed many times in our journeys on the roads of education, military and government service as well as our parallel lives of travailing paths, you have to know by now that our modern day scientists and Universities proudly, even arrogantly, yes, intensely press upon the minds of the masses their perpetually changing theories, suppositions and opinions of what is or isn’t and how all things came to be. They could look directly upon this Great Tree and still want to argue and debate about Its Merits that challenge and defy their reason and contradict their suppositions and presentations, many of which that first rebellious usurper of the first Lie has poisoned mortality’s mentality and soul with. It is no wonder Jesus called him the father of lies. That same accursed father of lies works deep within the soul of this day’s elite University life. I am so glad we are no longer part of that alumni. I truly have no desire whatsoever to look back to those days. There is no allegiance in my heart for that; neither is there any worthy substance of pride left for us back there. The Lord had us there and placed us there for a reason many years ago, but now that is behind us as we move upward and onward from the death of academia into a greater power of knowledge, wisdom and truth far beyond what our professors believed.

“I can’t help but remember how God showed Amos that higher and greater knowledge of the layers of Earth’s atmosphere almost 3000 years ago when science was rather stupid and ignorant. Amos was a mere simple shepherd when God called him to be a prophet. God showed him His stories in the sky. Is this not exactly what the layers of Earth’s atmosphere are? The 5 principle layers, not to mention the secondary layers? And look what the church and the so-called science of the day wanted to do to Galileo for daring to present heliocentrism! That man suffered for what eventually became proven as real science! Few understood that God was awakening a slumbering, enslaved and chained Earth out of a long sleep of darkened soul and was reviving it by gifting men like Galileo and great composers like Bach and Handel, blessing them with great knowledge and wisdom, skill and beauty. But few credit God for that history. O! the stupidity, stubbornness and arrogance of ungrateful, unthankful, self-professing souls of mortal pride acting out the tenets of that first rebellion and lie! May God give us a little rest from it all here in our day if possible.

“I’d like to ask stubborn and ignorant scientists today, even one like that high intellect tower of atheistic dust, Stephen Hawking, as well as others of that mortal soul of pride and errant knowledge that can never lead them to the real Truth, those who doubt the Word of God…what did you know back thousands of years ago about the layers of Earth’s atmosphere? They knew nothing! Their ignorant, deluded, self-asserting science back then thought the Earth was flat or was held up by four elephants! So they brag about how they finally came to discover the stratosphere of the Earth in the year of about 1902. Big deal! So what? Were they not just little timeless specks of breath with very limited, corrupt knowledge back then? And were they not millennia behind God and Heaven’s timeline and higher knowledge that always was and still is above all their proud and arrogant education? Not to mention that most intelligent question God asked Job thousands of years ago about the diffusion of light! What did they know about sine waves and particle beam science back then? They would know hardly anything of what they do today had God not given them the ability to learn and get past their earlier foolish conclusions. But they are just like those who Paul wrote and talked about when he said that they were always learning but never coming to the truth. O dear brother, I should stop speaking so that the weakness of my flesh and anger is not exposed in the light of this Great Tree.”

“Yes brother, I know. Like you, I get exasperated and want to scream out loud and pull my hair out sometimes. But still, to remind us of what continues to be that most significant thrust of God’s long game and strategy that are above all the fray of this present age and keep us on this eternal holy highway of perfect peace, knowledge and truth embedded in our earthly journey, this First Great Tree presents Itself to us in a most marvelous and wonderful way today so that we do not lose our way in the pursuit of our God and Heaven’s Will. We know by now that in His Providence and perfect Time, He will prove Himself and His whole Truth victorious and superior over all mortal academia of learning, education and the deceits of false presentations as well as mankind’s self-serving, wicked agenda for war, bloodshed and mammon. All these things clamor and tug hard at our minds to distract us from the first, most significant mission of this journey if we devote more of our thought to those things than to God.

“You and I have spent our fair share of time in those hallowed halls of that so-called greatest University as well as in military service and that dark, black labyrinth and maze of government services. But let us not forget that our God did preserve us, even though we bear terrible scars and losses of precious family and great, faithful compatriots by the hand of the Fortress of Hell’s evil and vicious hatred and designed intent set against all that is good and righteous in the sight of God. We do not ever want to be as those who are unthankful for the mercy and grace of great blessings God freely gives.

“My friend and brother, walk with me in this way until the very end. Our path is eternal and leads to the Light of Life, our Messiah and that Person of the Godhead Who was given and declared to be the One and Only Express Image of God our Father, even the Christ Who was the One Who appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush. Ours is such a lonely path, such a desolate road less traveled. And if there would be but two or three of us in all the whole earth under the Sun/SON who walk thereon this holy highway before our God, He in Whom was born the faith of our father, Abraham, He Who established that great and mysterious kingship and revelation of peace, very Melchizedek himself in the face of all the evil of that dark place and ancient time, He in Whom is established the First Law and Perfecting Bar of Justice forever and ever…let us be faithful to Him above all and let the opinions, education and philosophies of men and religious scholars be damned!

Emmaus was quick to respond to Jabez’s invitation and promised in a solemn oath, “I will walk with you and descend into the deepest hell-hole of darkness, falsely labeled shame and violent, wicked corruption of the whole human race if necessary to shine as the Lord’s heavenly, bright lights in the midst of a hellish vortex of black and thick darkness, if nothing but to advance the witness and testimony and Name of our Lord and God, He to Whom we have committed our souls and hearts, spirits and bodies in humility and that meek way of wisdom beyond the finite sands of dust and pride’s arrogant and defiant declarations. Did not our Lord and God do the same thing to the bitter end, hanging shamefully and naked before His own mother? Are we any better than our Teacher? I think not.”

His friend replied remembering past scars, “As you know, having already once walked into the most corrupt, violent and darkest dens of this modern day’s most evil and principle powers where death awaits to swallow up all good and righteous Law and every soul of it who walks in the Spirit of that greatest and highest Law above all law in the face of Leviathan himself, I will not turn back now, even in our older age; no, I will never turn away from that greatest journey of the age of the coming Revelation of the changing of the times and season.”

“Agreed brother, agreed! We know, that if only one or two in all the earth were left to stand for the Truth, then it must be you and me. For what witness of the knowledge of men can be of any worth to us if God has stood against it? Yet I know, today again, the Lord of Hosts has His faithful representative 7000 who have not bowed down to Baal and who do not sell their souls and bodies to sensually worship the Ashtoreth; neither do they lay their souls at the feet of the elite governments of this present world.”


A quiet and gentle, soft, late summer evening Breeze suddenly whispered a precious breath of Heaven’s Dripping Altar Dew and fell upon the traveled and tired souls of these two friends who had conversed about critical things, some good and some very painful things. It was refreshing, as if a cleansing and loving reminder of Who was walking with them from Beginning to End. They were reminded and began to understand more clearly Whose Watch they were on. They humbly bowed their heads at the base of that Great Tree and worshiped God and instantly experienced an unexpected, powerful renewal and suddenly manifest refreshing of Heaven’s Life and Breath. It was like that conversation between Ratty and Mole when they approached the Piper at the Gates of Dawn in the Wind in the Willows. Yes, that reverence! – – that great and wonderful, even precious and fearful respect – – that little, mortal creatures in the night bow down with when the Glory of a Holy Silent Night Star of Creation’s Perfecting Light of Life’s Absolute, Sovereign Presence and Holiest Breath passes over them in hushed tones of Revelation and lowers Itself, slightly touching them with Heaven’s gentlest mercy and tenderly blessing them in the infirmity of their flesh and weak estate in this present world. Amen and Selah

They slept for an hour in the silkiest, greenest grass they had ever seen. Angelic waves of a sweetest soul song of Heaven’s great Grace for weary souls on a long journey swept over the deep of their very intimate hearts quietly resting in this moment of an appointed Holy Repose and healing Silent Night Song.

It was Jabez who first awoke, awed in a greatest wonderment of a most precious Music selection he was hearing. He thought to himself…paused for a holy, silent, reverential moment in his hopeful soul…….then……slightly entertained a little, quiet thought of hope that perhaps his God would restore to him that great, magnificent gift of Music that he began exhibiting as a mere little child; it was a precious, heavenly gift that eventually led him across and behind the borders of those nations of tyranny and cruel darkness of the Cold War…music that most of this present world has, to this day, never heard because of the way of life that was chosen for him. He knew he could never become a great name of public notoriety because of where he was going in a life that seemed mapped out for him by the God he loved first and foremost above all. So this marvelous treasury of music was, for the most part in the free world, sacrificed for the sake of others whose lives were far more important to him than fame. He understood that not all great gifts God gives are meant to make the recipient famous, rich and successful in the world.

Jabez, who had more than once humbled himself before his God and Heaven’s greater will that is always above all mortal flesh, was profoundly moved to weeping tears and haunting emotions at the hearing of this powerful and glorious beauty of a most magnificent composition that he was so delightfully familiar with. It was God’s great composer, Johann Sebastien Bach, playing the Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor on his Eternal Organ on Heaven’s High Pedestal of Perfect Music and Glory. In one, instant second, he remembered what Bach had said in his own day hundreds of years ago, that great time when Earth was beginning to awaken out of its Dark and Middle Ages deep slumber of death and chains; Bach said that all music that was not written for the glory of God was devilish hubbub. He knew. Yes, that grand old master of melody and song

You see, that past time of their activity in the old countries of the pre-1989 Berlin Wall times was a thing of God’s great power to quietly, skillfully and steathily implant those of His Own Heart and Will in places of terrible, dreadful darkness and slavery of humanity in the midst of oppressive, smothering dread of tyrannical governments. There were those few, rarest souls of great and deep, faithful trust in the Name of their God back in those days who prayed for deliverance and to hear some kind of voice of encouragement. This was a very complex and years long mission of Jabez and Emmaus, a mission that would have not been possible back then without the great power and skillful maneuvering of Heaven’s intervention in Earth’s affairs and God’s blessing of the many people who aided the cause along the way, not to mention the intelligence of Israel, a nation struggling to survive the evils designed and set against it. Surely it was the will of God in Heaven being done in the earth as Christ taught the disciples to pray.

As the Lord gifted them with great skills and abilities that would become open doors into closed nations, they offered their very breath and lives for the sake of their God and those chosen-elect vessels who He was determined to rescue and deliver out of those dreadful and horrible dens of tyrannical slavery into the light and life of freedom. Israel knew. Yes, Israel knew of the works of these two men. To this day, Israel knows and remembers. Israel was a powerful helper along the way. But few elsewhere in the whole world to this day have a clue about those exploits because the history of those events remains a closed and sealed book for the sake of some who still must be protected by the wisdom and humility of silence.

O! what this present world of evil governments does not begin to understand and know of what went on behind those veiled curtains hiding that great arena and theater of a far more higher and heavenly activity than mortal breath this day can begin to imagine. The pain, the suffering and agonizing torture, the losses, the deaths, as well as the miraculous rescues and the precious and unusual angels of the Lord here and there that took on surprising forms that were always so timely in the events of great, critical need…but most important of all, the power of Heaven’s shed light of life and truth manifest in places of gross darkness, death and lies. Some of these expeditions were the likes of those one reads about in Biblical times where it required miraculous and powerful moves of the hand of God to accomplish the mission, to acquire and secure the packages and then to survive. Nations were closed. Doors to the public of the world kept shut. Yet behind those doors, great and marvelous things of the determination of God and Heaven’s Sovereign Throne were accomplished because of holy faith and many prayers and friends of the Kingdom of God who, like the men of tribe of Issachar, had understanding of the times and knew what to do.

…….a little further down the road…

“Emmaus, look! That GREAT TREE is still exactly the same here where we are walking further down this road! How is it that we passed by it miles and times ago, yet here in our path, It presents Itself to us again as before?! It seems that It is traveling with us along the path of our destination. I wonder, are we divinely directed and led by the Holy Light of a spiritual, not-so-linear path of God, that He would show us a visible manifestation of His Eternal and Timeless Glory? Could it be that we walk an eternal, heavenly path and timeless circuit traveled before and understood by those great, faithful saints of old who preceded us in the original, ancient ways of faith, glory and righteous law, and that perhaps God really does have His eternal dimensions of time, space, matter…and dare I say, even holy, silent night dreams and songs in the night of precious seasons not perceived by the flesh, some of which we cannot comprehend yet in our journey?

“I believe it was King Solomon who said that God put eternity in the hearts of men and that nobody could figure out the works of God from beginning to end. And did not Isaiah write about having a song in the night so that one could go up to the mountain of the Lord rejoicing as one who plays a flute? I mean, after all, we are but a mere breath of one whispering breeze, here for a little, short season like the grass of the field…yes, we are here today and suddenly gone tomorrow.”

“Jabez, it is kind of spooky! If I walk past something, I really do expect it to be hindsight, not something still beside me or even ahead of me. Yet I am remembering that there were two other men way back thousands of years ago who walked with Jesus Christ Who was God in the flesh, and while He talked with them, He hid His true Identity from them. But their hearts burned within them and were awakened later along that path after He departed from them.”

“Well, after all, we ARE talking about the eternal ways of God, not mere finite, confined and constricted parameters of our own small minds.”

“I know, but still, such a profound thing must have been intelligently designed and purposely set in the way of our path to say something to us, don’t you think?”

“So it seems. But it could also be the time of this passing, waning age, one of which the prophets and all the faithful servants of our God spoke and wrote about so long ago. To be honest, it gives me shivers and makes me wonder about everything I’ve believed in as taught by all the scribes and teachers of the law. I thought I understood God’s ways as in the frame of a linear timeline, but maybe I need to hear the teaching and law of a more excellent way from others who live closer to the Altar of Heaven’s Great Fire and Word than I do. My brother, maybe it actually IS the beginning of the changing of times and seasons such as only God can order. It seems that Daniel really understood that, though the vision caused him a great and terrible strain so that he could not even look up to the Angel of the Lord when he appeared to him. Yet the Lord touched and strengthened him so he could arise and hear the words of his God’s wisdom, words we read this very day and time of expanding knowledge and travel all over the world.”

“I know what you are saying. I too, find myself trembling at such a great thing that is not so accurately taught by those we’ve trusted in times past. Everybody has their own idea of what the end of things should be, when they will be, how they should be, but yet to God, a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years. The scope and panorama of history yet to unfold is probably not going to be so simple and scheduled as so many teachers in our day think it will be and some even falsely prophesy it to be. The last unfolding aspect of this ending age may not be just quite as exact of a timed, linear framework as so many originally thought.

“But this I do believe, that however complete or incomplete our understanding of the times and seasons are, we are to live in the faith of our forefathers, that is, to do justly, be loyal to our God and live in the simple child-like faith of our God’s justification and salvation provided by the Lamb of God’s sacrifice, death and resurrection. Did not Habakkuk say, “The just shall live by faith?” And is it not also written that one should love the Lord their God with all their heart, mind, strength, soul and spirit and to love their neighbor as themselves?” This is the perfect fulfillment of all the law and the prophets!



“Hear ye, hear ye, O you My servants of the Holy Covenant of the High Altar of God in Heaven. Hear this great word of the Lord Who speaks to the meek, the humble and contrite souls of the Earth, those true, seeking hearts of the Kingdom of Heaven:

“The manifestation of that great King of Salem, Melchizedek, is preordained as a historical record and revelation of ancient times yet to further unfold in manners unknown to and not understood by the carnal flesh and pride of the Earth. This is that elect one to whom the God of Heaven ordained Abraham to pay tithes to while Israel was yet in his loins, not yet birthed, but still to come. And as it is written, Abraham paid tithes to one greater than himself. Kings of flesh and nations and empires of the Earth have come and gone and have risen and fallen, but this one, a mystery of Eternal God Who created all that was and is and is to be, is preeminent above all who followed after him. He was the preordained model, the type and symbol of that Greatest High Priest of the Eternal Altar Who was to come and Who appeared and spoke to men of old as the Angel of the Lord. You who have ears to hear, hear what the Spirit of the Lord says to the hearts of mere flesh and blood who quiver and tremble in THE VERY PRESENCE OF GOD WHO IS: I AM. I AM THE LORD AND I DO NOT CHANGE! I AM JESUS CHRIST: The same yesterday, today and forever!

“Herein your evil day and time of modern apostasy, sensual, maddening rage and abominations of exponentially proliferating lusts of the flesh, soul and spirit that are of the evil heart and spirit of those former wildest, vile and lewd sins of the ancient altars of so-called gods and goddesses, even the Ashtoreth, before whom the the people of Israel worshiped and fell in the day of a prophesied evil of falling away: So shall My GREAT ETERNAL TREE righteously judge this wicked generation in painful exactitude and an explicit, even shocking and unrestrained revealing of that righteous, holy Law of Justice and Truth which is above all your own fleshly interpretations and religious dogmas. The Mercy-Star of Heaven’s Great Joy and King of Peace shall seek out and find and rescue those chosen, elect souls hidden and covered under the shadow of My Wing and Glory. For surely the Lord shall hide them on that day in the tender mercies of My Faithful Covenant Law which I have made with all those who love Me as such according to The Law and Truth of the Rock of Heaven Who is Everlasting. And these are the ones who will have listened to The Voice of the Lord and very Word of God and will have put away all their idols to separate themselves from all the carnal, sensual lusts and affections of the flesh, the love of the things of gratifying pleasure and all things of the earthy wisdom of this present world and its lusts thereof which once ensnared them and held them back from blessing.

“And if God did not spare the wickedness of those souls of the ancient times of stubbornness, rebellion and sensual perversions of the flesh, destroying whole cities and empires of pride’s arrogant thrust of lust and worship of things that were not God, how then shall He excuse this evil generation’s sins which are worse this day because it is a day of advanced revelation and spiritual truth of heavenly knowledge freely given by a Great Sacrifice of eternal proportions of that greatest Grace, Mercy and Love of Jesus Christ?!

“It is not the day of the blood of bulls and goats anymore, but rather, it is the day and age of the Redeeming Blood of Jesus Christ being trampled on and disregarded, even by many of My Own people who regard worthless idols, pleasure and self-gratifying interests, and in doing do, forsake their mercy!”

The two hushed traveling companions quickly bowed low to the ground realizing the greatness and rarity of the hour that fell upon them on this holy path. They trembled in their hearts as they began to understand more fully the nature and power of the mission of the Kingdom of God and Heaven they were on.

“Emmaus, who will believe our report?! Do we not painfully understand Isaiah’s great question in the time of his day before his God Whom he worshiped knowing that evil shepherd and king of Israel in his day was seeking his very life and would eventually have him cut in half?”

“Jabez, I know what you are saying, what you are asking, but this is a fearful and dreadful thing! Here we are today in modern times, millennia later than our forefathers of the faith, presenting the bold and glorious truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a truth and Gospel that you and I both certainly know will incur the wrath and hatred of Hell and Lucifer, that great dragon of old, even Leviathan, against us just as as he strained hard to destroy our spiritual ancestors. I cannot hardly speak a word of truth or share a little of the testimony of our Lord without finding myself embattled and hunted down like the prey of lions treading on the high places of the Earth. Look at the world’s negative view of us today, and especially of Israel now! Even many in America are turning against them as is the whole world!

“And now, in the house of God in the earth, alas!…instead of being a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, carnal, lip-professing, pleasure and sports worshiping Christians far outnumber the devoted and pure of heart believers of the way of eternal Truth anymore. The house of God in the Earth has become a modern den of thieves and is so deeply corrupted that the vine is producing alien, degenerate grapes as the grafted in branches have become haughty in the pride and delusion of their sin and error thinking they are of the nature of God and Jesus Christ but they are not. Did not the great apostle Paul warn the Roman Christians about this very thing, telling them that if God did not spare the natural branches, neither would He spare them? Is it no wonder there is no real Holy Spirit enduement of heavenly power in the church today? But God will not bless corruption, weakness and sensuality of the flesh, for then they would believe they were in right standing with Him when in fact, they serve the interests and idols of the world and bow at the altars of pleasure.”

“I know, I know, but what else can we do but press on and steadfastly keep presenting the Truth and manifest power of this GREAT TREE that we have come across again and again in the path of our lives today? I know that many, even most, will not believe our report, and that they will think we are strange, judgmental and false as they believed about Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul and all the apostles. But you know, my brother, it must, it must, it must!!! be to the end of our lives on Earth if that is what God requires and divines as His perfect will in our hearts, souls, bodies and whole lives as we express the Witness and Testimony of the Name of our God and Jesus Christ Who was and is and will always be Heaven’s holiest Way, Truth and Light of His First Witness and Testimony. How can we fail our God this modern day and age in the light of that great witnessing cloud of our faithful spiritual forefathers and ancestors who suffered so many terrible things and horrible deaths just to speak up for God and Heaven’s perfect will to be done on Earth?”

“Agreed, my brother, agreed, and know this one thing! To my last breath, and if necessary to the death, I will walk with you in the covering glory of this GREAT TREE, THIS HOLY ETERNAL TREE that was foreshadowed by that great King Melchizedek, a name and king of the spirit and righteous heart of Salem/Jerusalem and Peace, an enduring kingship and priesthood of that holiest Elect Altar that will be brought forth in our modern day to the very end of the Apocalypse. Surely there will be a refreshing understanding that will be anointed and given as an utterance of the knowledge of some of the mysteries of God, heavenly mysteries kept secret in the shadows of the ancient and perfecting Scriptures in which such great Wisdom was hidden from dullen hearts, deaf ears and blind eyes but is about to be revealed in a larger, unfolding manner and fashion anew in this our day – finally! – as the Voice and Manifest Power of the Holy Spirit of God Who has waited long for this coming time of the beginning of that great Revelation’s unfolding. Few in the house of God in the Earth today even begin to perceive the wondrous revelation of Truth and the uncovering of mysteries about to be manifest after millennia of silence in the face of the failure of God’s own people. Is it no wonder Jesus said…”When I come back to the Earth, will I find faith?!”


{some of it bears repeating}

“Emmaus, my heart trembles when I see this GREAT TREE! What of such fathomless magnificence cannot but help change the course of Earth’s whole history? I find myself very afraid for the future of our children, our progeny who we had hoped would have it better than we did. But did we not really know better as we began to discern the signs of the time of changing seasons wherein societies of this waning age were degenerating into a vortex of mortal confusion, lies, perversion and self-seeking agendas of greed, pride and gratifying lusts, even worship of the flesh? The times and seasons are rapidly changing as they were prophesied to do so by the holy prophets, ancient seers and apostles of Heaven’s divining Wisdom in the earth thousands of years ago.”

“Jabez, I know the words you are thinking of that were spoken and written by the prophets Daniel and Amos…”The Lord changes the times and the seasons.”…and that “He reveals His secrets to His prophets.” He even told Abraham, “Shall I hide the thing I do from My servant Abraham?” It is written, “That to God, all His works are known to Him from the Beginning.” Therefore, the holy ones and true saints of God should take comfort that He will not leave them stranded; neither will He forsake them to the devices of this present age of deceptions and darkest matter. He said that He knows those who are His. We should take comfort in that.”

“I wonder, my brother, how it is that so rare, few souls of this present day’s age, even of the house of God in the Earth, are prepared for the coming fierce and furious, wrathful Storm of Heaven’s incomprehensible Justice Who is tiring of mankind and mortality’s vicious and venomous cruelty forced upon and exercised against its innocents, its helpless, its wearied and crowned of age. How can God not react to man’s defections as it is understood in the Wisdom of the Scriptures? Who will be able to look up to God and say they were not warned, that they didn’t know?

“The carnal wisdom of a thousand different ways and interpretations that man and religions claim are right, that are truth and that lead to God regardless of so many differing paths, will certainly and suddenly begin to be shattered and disintegrate only to fall helplessly broken before their eyes in most shocking and sudden ways. And in that day, no argument against the purest, most holy Wisdom of God will be left standing! Every face will be covered with shame and disgrace. A nation at ease today will say…as it was once cried out and penned by Jeremiah concerning Israel…”My tents are destroyed in a moment! Disaster follows after disaster!”

“Surely this modern day’s Babylon is about to fall in a sudden hour, an hour in which church and national leaders, justices of the court and shepherds of the land corrupt spiritual and natural law and are angrily polarized, all presenting their own self-aggrandizing, self-seeking, corrupt, sensual offerings of lies, deceits and treachery against righteous law and pure truth. Many bow down and worship before Baal and Mammon, even in the temple and house of God in the earth. And then where will all the religious teachers, false prophets and prognosticators be? Will they not be dreadfully afraid and flee to holes in the rocks and caves of desolation?”

“This one thing I know, my friend, that God is Sovereign and Almighty beyond the whole scope of the Creation from Beginning to End and Forever, and that He can act suddenly without reproach or questioning in any way, time, place and set of circumstances He so chooses. He can intervene in Earth’s affairs at any one or a thousand points, whether it be in the very present, evil heart of the tempestuous sea of humanity roaring and raging, or in whole nations sitting idly by in their ease, self-indulgent, pleasure seeking and complacency while millions of innocents die at the hands of hatred and power hungry moguls and governments who despise such life. And this too: He can move in the course of wars and conflicts anytime He so wills and is pleased to do!

“Daniel recorded the words of that wicked king, Nebuchadnezzar, who God humbled and laid low for seven years, and who after being released from living like a beast in the field, honored God and said, “He can do as He pleases with the inhabitants of the Earth and the army of Heaven, and no one can restrain His hand or look up to Him and say, what have You done.” Is this not a fearful proposition, one that could even face down our whole modern, evil society today, one in which nations could find themselves suddenly broken and standing desolate in a long night of darkest despair? What, my friend, what new drastic and shocking thing from Heaven could suddenly spring forth upon this sinful, wicked, lewd, sensually perverted and insane, mad generation raging incessantly today? And yet I perceive and understand that all these things do not mean the very end has come yet as falsely prophesied by some who attempted to calculate the time of the Lord’s Second Coming and were exposed as false prophets who appeared foolish and deluded.”

Emmaus looked up as high as his eyes allowed him to see the height of this GREAT TREE! IT seemed to reach even higher into lofty, billowing clouds than when the two travelers first came across IT and took notice of this magnanimous, profound sight. He paused in wonder, just now realizing in a flash of perception, that this GREAT TREE was actually enlarging ITSELF as they traveled on!

“Jabez, I see more clearly now that these remaining, vivid, color-laden leaves still clinging to the highest branches of this GREATEST TREE OF ALL will all be there when all else fails and falls and that the life and power of that FIRST GREAT ROOT AND TRUNK OF THIS ETERNAL TREE will surely continue when everything else of this present life and age passes away. It is written: “THOUGH HEAVEN AND EARTH SHALL PASS AWAY, NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE OF MY WORD SHALL PASS AWAY.”

“Let us journey on, my brother, for we have some other times, places and hidden treasures to venture into and explore before the veil of this waning age’s great theater of drama is drawn fully open for all to see what is behind the coming Final Presentation. Yet even now, as the Spirit of Jesus spoke to us a time ago on this road, I now begin to foresee a great, shocking and disturbing Noble Turning and Stillness of the fiery Sun that worships its Creator and God that will once again, in a more dramatic and marvelous way than it did in times past, stand still in the day of a sudden manifestation and manner of heavenly speech will cause many near and far to fear and tremble and be in great dread of the Presence of the Lord of Hosts. Even Orion, that great Constellation and heavenly Man of War, is about to draw out his sword and tighten his belt so that the greatest scientists of the day will be dreadfully afraid and perplexed and will fear the end of the world and the end of their worthless, godless theories. A nation making merry, eating and drinking and reveling at ease shall be instantly troubled in a night of great, sudden darkness and stillness of all things while a little, tiny nation being persecuted and hated by the whole world shall see a little glimpse of its coming fulfillment of the Eternal Light and Perfection, that great Name of the Lord our God Who has never forsaken His Covenant Promise and Word to Abraham.

“Brother of faith, do you hear what I hear? Shh, listen, crystals glisten, flaming horses’s hooves…I hear it more clearly now…it is whispering in the Wind of God, holy speech of the Heavens about to speak more loudly out of their long-held silence. Perhaps David heard this when he wrote Psalm 19.”

⦁ 7 EYES

“Amen, my brother! Amen! Let us arise now and continue our journey in Faith, Hope and Charity, the greatest of these being Charity.”

Thus ends Part I of our story, a story that has encompassed many years of weary fears, flowing tears, travels, losses, death and unutterable agonies of heart, but also many joys, new friends, miracles of Heaven’s great Grace, Mercy, Loving-kindness as well as the Peace of heavenly revelation, visions and power of the Holy Scriptures that no spoken or written words from this author can be properly penned here. And who of flesh would ever think they could adequately write of such profound things? Certainly… Certainly! not this author.


To God our Father, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the God of Israel and all of that Newborn Entity of true believers, all the saints in times past and all the saints of the present day and ending age, who held to, and do presently hold fast to the Name of Jesus Christ Who is that One and Only Eternal Witness and Final Testimony of the Great Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Absolute-Sovereign Perfect Light of Life and Holy Presentation that defies and judges all the thought, desire and pride of His enemies, all unredeemed mortal flesh of lies, pride, arrogance, rebellion, perversion and the reasoning of vanity from Beginning to End, to Him be the Glory and Amen of all things forever.

And last, but not least, to God and Jesus Christ our Messiah and Holy Redeemer Who has guided us, protected and kept and preserved us in the way of many ensnaring deceits, traps, violence, lies, subterfuge and threats of death, we utter our utmost praise and the solemn worship of our hearts to declare before all the whole Heavens and Creation under the Sun-SON and say:



Angelle Staria/pen name

Written in 2010 and edited July 2016.

To be continued…………

11 thoughts on “The Journeys of Emmaus and Jabez, Part I: The Great Tree

  1. I added your blog to my home screen brother, this story is amazing and I will continue reading it tomorrow.
    Thank you for being there when I needed spiritual guidance your words will last forever in my heart and soul.
    God bless you Brother.

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    1. Love you bro!!!

      I hope my story blesses and encourages you and Kimi.

      I am privileged to have had a part of the Heart of Jesus Christ in blessing and encouraging you. You have become a very precious, prayed for brother.

      Want to let you know that I texted Bren and Kal just a few minutes ago to let them know I am going completely black the next 72 hours, maybe longer. So won’t be on for awhile.

      In the meantime, brother, ask God to make you the kind of one of those 2 travelers in my allegory. I believe He will. You’ve got the heart and determination…He will bless you as such.

      Hope to meet you and run into one day on that holy highway.

      ❤🙏❤ U brother! And I know, God is…IS!!! going to get you to His holy destination! 🙂👍🤗

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      1. I love you brother you have touched my heart and soul like no other.
        We keep you in our prayers and will be praying extra hard over the next 72 hours for your safety.
        Night and God bless

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    2. Rodney,


      U gotta hang in there no matter what is against you.

      You got me, and I got others on their face before God in your behalf.

      Fight like hell against all the powers of Hell against you, okay?!

      ❤ U brother…and by God, I’ll do my best in wartime prayer for you!

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